Be Our Guest

Let's talk Disney at home. I like Disney as if you didn't know so I like to sneak it into my decorating at home but I don't want everything to be BAM Disney! I like to go for a modern day Disney! (How many times can I say Disney in this blog post?!) The downstairs of my house definitely has a little bit of magic snuck in here and there, and my office looks like Mickey Mouse threw up all over it (I'm okay with that) BUT my guest room I think is the perfect example of like adult Disney! So let's take a tour!

Found this cute little sign at Hobby Lobby! (50% off with the coupon!)

I didn't know the theme I wanted for our guest room and then I found this comforter set (LC Lauren Conrad MY FAVORITE!) and I thought BEAUTY AND THE BEAST! It also helped it was on Sale! Doesn't look like the one I decided on is still available but there are plenty of others that are similar that you can find here! (Always google a Kohls coupon!)

Cutest "Enjoy Your Stay" pillow can be found here! The Rose Gold pillows were from the dollar section of Target! EEEEEK!

Cutest "Enjoy Your Stay" pillow can be found here! The Rose Gold pillows were from the dollar section of Target! EEEEEK!


This is my favorite park of the room, I've had this bookshelf for a while and I didn't want to clutter it!

Close Up of these fun items!

  • Deer Head! - Hobby Lobby
  • Adventure Sign! - The Salty Moose 
  • Candles! - Walter & Rosie Candle Co
  • Lumiere & Cogsworth - Shop Parks App
  • Mrs. Potts & Chip - Ebay
  • Belle Sign - Hallmark
  • Rose - Walmart (Husband bought it and said it would be perfect for this room, it's a kids toy haha! It's the thought that counts!)
I have 2 of these handmade trays! If I could think of more things to do with them I'd have more! I bought mine from Seagate Studio based out of my home state! But I put some random traveling needs in there, and some fliers you can find free around town! And of course some Beauty and the Beast themed lotion from my friends over at Blue Fairy Body Shop!

I have 2 of these handmade trays! If I could think of more things to do with them I'd have more! I bought mine from Seagate Studio based out of my home state! But I put some random traveling needs in there, and some fliers you can find free around town! And of course some Beauty and the Beast themed lotion from my friends over at Blue Fairy Body Shop!

No room would be complete with out a Little Moon Dance print or 5 HAHA! I got the frames from Target of course!

This is about to get weird, I'm gonna take you for a quick tour of the guest bathroom! But of course I needed it to match the guest room! I got the matching shower curtain on sale for $10! (SAY WHAT?!) I like to save all my Disney soaps from my resort stays to use for my guest room (I know I'm not the only one!) But I also couldn't pass up the Enchanted Rose soap from Clock & Candle Co and more Blue Fairy Body Shop!

I like to think I did a good job of including Disney but not making it look like a child's room! Although I will admit with the sleigh bed I use for the guest room I should of done a Frozen themed guest room! I guess good thing the military moves us ALL THE TIME so I can keep that option open for next time!

What did you think of my guest room?! Comment below with your thoughts!

You've Got A Friend In Me

Do you ever read those articles that pop up and say "A Letter To My Ex Best Friend"? I've read them a few times, because well I've been there a couple times and it's definitely not fun but now here are my thoughts on friends now that I've found my people.

I consider myself a pretty good person, and a pretty good friend or at least I try to be. I live a military life with my husband so we don't stay put for long but I've managed to find my people, you know like the Meredith to my Christina? The Brooke to my Peyton? The Chip to my Dale. (I know you got that reference) 

When you're growing up people say you won't stay friends with your friends in High School and at the time I told them all they were wrong, but now here we are and I'm 25 and they were right (well all but one, because one is my person, but we weren't as close in high school) and that's okay, there's nothing wrong with that. People grow up, find themselves interested in different things, just go separate ways. 

I also think you have different types of friendships, you have the ones you talk to EVERY SINGLE DAY, and if you don't hear from them then something is probably wrong, or you have the friends that you can talk to every now and again and then you see them and it's like you never skipped a beat. This is also okay, HOWEVER if you were one of the talk to every single day friends and then suddenly you fall into a talk every now and again friend well that might take a tole on that friendship and they just might not be your person and well that's okay.  

So I'm 25, and I just now found my people. Which kinda sucks since now I look back at my wedding photos and most of my bridesmaids are practically strangers, but that's okay right? Still have those memories. I found 3 people that I consider my people. I have a home/concert/travel/everything person, I have my Disney/shopping/rant to/keep me grounded person, and I also have a creative/outgoing/up-for-anything/motivating person. Three different people, three totally different friendships yet all 3 mean so much to me and keep me going and you know what? That's okay. 

My husband always says, you should get out and meet new people every time we move which is very thoughtful and I'm always like "Why? I got my people" but really? It's almost like dating you know? I've had such good friends and they've literally broken my heart, so why find more when I GOT MY PEOPLE! I mean hey if another friendship happens I just consider that meant to be. But if you don't want to go out looking to meet new people you know what I think? I think that's okay. 

Okay you're probably like why is she blogging about this? I only care about her trips to Disney. But I just want to share some of my other personal experiences like friendships. Friendships come and go and that's okay, you can grow apart in your friendships and that's okay, you can have three totally different friendships and love them all the same also okay. But most importantly I hope you found your people, and if you haven't I hope you find them soon because they're the best people. And if you've grown apart from friendships just know that that's okay too and you can miss those friendships I know I do but I'm just SO thankful I have found my people. 

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I Go To Disney! Like, a lot.

Why do you go to Disney so much? How do you go to Disney all the time? Disney is for kids. Weren't you just in Disney? Don't you want to go other places not just Disney? 

Those are things people say to me ALL THE TIME, and I'm sure if you're living the ultimate Disney life like I am people say the same exact things to you, so let's go over all of these. 

Why do you go to Disney so much? Because it's my happy place, it's what I enjoy. I find it a carefree and covered in pixie dust, makes you young again, a place where you can believe in magic. I in a way I think of it as a hobby you know? Like my husband hunts, I go to Disney. Sure maybe it's an expensive hobby but so is hunting. It also helps that my business is run around Disney so all trips to me are considered "business trips" with lots of photo ops! 

How do you go to Disney all the time? Well I'm lucky enough to work for myself so taking time off work isn't an issue. As far as flights I always fly Southwest and (TIP!) my husband and I have a Southwest credit card and we use it for EVERYTHING and then pay it off each month, this way we get lots of points and I don't have to pay for my flights to Disney (and back home to New Hampshire!) so I definitely save money there! I also have an annual pass which does cost a pretty penny at first but definitely pays for itself in the end between all my visits and the extra discounts I get on food and merchandise! It also helps to have a friend local you can stay with (Thanks Coovs!) but if not I do get a military rate at Disney resorts! Next step is to join the Disney Vacation Club! (Husband needs some convincing..)

(Another helpful tip for all those Target lovers, I like to buy Disney Gift Cards every now and then with my Target card, you save 5% and it's like you're saving money for your next trip!) 

Disney is for kids. Okay this, this is literally the most annoying thing anyone can say to me. Sure kids love Disney, I was a Disney kid BUT as an adult I find it even more magical. If you're one of the ones who thinks Disney is only for kids, read about the history of Walt Disney himself because then stepping into the parks, watching the movies it's really amazing everything that he started, all because of a mouse. I think you enjoy Disney as a kid, and then you enjoy it different as a teenager and then as an adult and then I'm sure you have a whole new outlook on it with kids and then grandkids! 

Weren't you just in Disney? Yup, yup I probably was BUT there is always something new going on. Whether you're enjoying it with different people, enjoying one of Epcot's different festivals, or a Halloween party, maybe the Christmas party or even one of the runDisney races it's different every time. For example in November I did the Wine & Dine Challenge (10k and Half Marathon) and then enjoyed the Food & Wine festival and a Christmas party with my mom, then in February I went and spent time with one of my best friends and celebrated the Super Bowl! (GO PATRIOTS!) then in April I got to spend time with another best friend of mine and her family, got to watch her daughter do her first runDisney race (a diaper dash! Cutest thing ever!) and then in May my husband finally got to join me for a trip, and we got to do the Flower & Garden festival. All those trips were magical in their own ways, so yes I was just in Disney and I'll be going again in no time! 


Don't you want to go to other places? I mean sure like Disneyland Paris? There is just something different about the way Disney does things, you know if you're doing a Disney trip it's gonna be good, it's gonna have some extra magic. I mean I've been other places, I went to Hawaii but to Aulani a Disney resort. (Blog to come about that) 


So ya I like to go to Disney a lot, and I don't think that's gonna change anytime soon. It's my happy place!  

Comment with your thoughts on this, do you only want to Vacation the Disney way?

I've Got A Dream!

I work from home, which is AMAZING. But I should probably rephrase that, I work all day everyday, not just 9-5 Monday-Friday, I work from the time I wake up until I go to sleep which I think is a big reason why my business has been as successful as it is which I am incredibly grateful for! Okay so how? How did I make this happen? Long story, but if you got time I'll share it! 

My husband is in the Army so we move A LOT and our first stop was Fort Rucker AL in 2013. Let me tell you about Fort Rucker, we had a Walmart, pawn shops, a Mexican restaurant to guarantee you food poisoning, and a Publix (oh I miss Publix!) But that's all I miss except our wonderful friends we made there! (Story for another time) Moral of that was it was nearly impossible to find a job! OH and I was planning a wedding! 

I have always been pretty creative, I got it from my momma! (Thanks mom!) But I never dreamed of my creativity being worth something! I did DIY projects here and there and people said I should sell them but I didn't really think much of it. I got a Cricut Explore for my birthday and my DIY projects really took off! I started making mugs, tumblers and wine glasses for friends and then decided to try to sell them! And then Cafe Forty Seven was born! (Cafe because it started off with mugs, and Forty Seven because the whole reason this started was because my husband was learning to fly the CH-47 which landed us at Fort Rucker)

That was my first "office" really just a craft room at that time! Oh and thats a CH-47! 

So now I'm selling mugs, I remember I'd lay in bed ready to go to sleep and then I'd get an order so I'd get up right away and make it so it would ship the next day! That lasted about a month but I was selling more cups than I would of ever dreamed of! They actually weren't Disney inspired, SAY WHAT?! I had a lot of Army Wife things, and just silly quotes! Fast forward about 6 months we got married! Yay! And then went to Disney World for our Honeymoon! Cafe Forty Seven was about to get revamped! I was inspired! 

That was the beginning of CFS.... (Clearly come a long way.... WOA!)

After the wedding my mom sent me back to AL with her old heat press, so I started making shirts for fun! I would sell them on a Disney Garage Sale Facebook page and then one design really took off so to keep track I added it to my Etsy store! Then suddenly I was making shirts all day everyday and actually making money, did I just start a business? And then just like that we're on the move again, this time to Fort Eustis VA. 

Second Office! 

In the dining room of a one bedroom apartment! (We knew this move was temporary!)

In Virginia the shirt sales really took off with my popular designs Disney Life Happy Wife, This Is My Happy Place and The Disney Life. At this point I was up until like 2am making shirts, but it was so rewarding, I mean I created a business with my creativity! I couldn't be more thankful for this but if you ask me how all I can say is HARD WORK and CREATIVITY. Be creative, be original, your own work will sell more than you stealing someone elses. I see my designs on Etsy all the time now and it just makes me so sad. CFS is still on the move! 

A deployment was now in our near future and I decided I'd be moving back home with my parents during this time and making some big changes to Cafe Forty Seven. I started my own website and started using a screen printer to print my shirts, this created a quicker turn around time which was the goal! When I moved home my mom decided she'd like to take classes on screen printing so that she could do my shirts and she did! So now we're a mother-daughter duo! She prints them, and I design, package, market, ect. 

3rd office! Had a mini space in my childhood bedroom and also took over my parents dining room!!!!!! (They're happy I'm out of there! HA!)

Now Cafe Forty Seven lives by Fort Lewis WA, this has easily been the hardest move (future blog). But Cafe Forty Seven is bigger than it has ever been and I'm SO proud, humbled and overwhelmed! I get to live my dream, I work A LOT but I work from home, my job moves when we move. I hope as long I just keep working as hard as I did in Fort Rucker AL that my business will continue to grow and I will continue to live my dream. 

Finally my newest office! My dream office! (I'll make a blog just about this pretty space someday!)


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Rivers of Light Dining Package!


If you follow me on Instagram you know that I just got back from Disney World! You also know that I seem to be at the parks more than I am home yet I still find something new every time I visit! This trip I saw Rivers of Light at Animal Kingdom for the first time! Because it was the first time seeing it I wanted to see it right so I booked a dining package at Tiffins! (If you're hungry, come back and read later!)

It's like I'm a regular! Just kidding, but I have had dinner here before! I actually did the dining package for the Jungle Book show (which everyone should be thankful that's gone because that was TERRIBLE! end rant.) The simple touch of them adding a place card really made my night! I felt like a VIP! With a dining package it includes a soft drink, appetizer, main course, AND dessert for each person! (Oh I should add I was with my husband!) I know what you're thinking..... $$$$$$ but just wait! 

What did we eat:

For an appetizer I got the Watermelon and Barrel-aged Feta, was like a little fruit salad! $14

My husband got the Tiffins Signature Bread Service, which easily could of fed us both! 3 different types of bread with 3 different toppings to try! $10

For the main course I got the Wagyu Strip Loin and Braised Short Rib, it was easily the best steak I have ever had! SO good! Can I just go back now?! $54

My husbands enjoyed the House-smoked Wagyu Beef Bolognese, which was a funny name for pasta. He was very jealous of my steak but was still very tasty! $37

Lastly for dessert we both each got South American Chocolate Ganache, it was like I died and went to chocolate heaven! $12

(I'm bad at this blogging thing but here are some photos from our meal! I will get better at this hopefully) 


What makes the dining package so special is that at the end you're given tickets for preferred seating for the Rivers of Light show! What I didn't know we got was one of the Lotus Popcorn buckets which we could fill with popcorn over and over and over again our whole trip for only $1.50! WOA! To buy that bucket itself is $17! CRAZY! Some extra Disney magic I received because I've dined there before was some handmade chocolate with toasted coconut on it! YUMMY! 

Okay so price, that's what you want to know, I know! We got everything for only $67 a person! (plus tip)

Let's do the math for my meal! 

Drink $4, Appetizer $14, Main Course $57, Dessert $12 PLUS popcorn bucket $17 = $104! That doesn't include the premium seating for the show! So I'd do this dining package again no question! 

We ended up sitting the second row, dead center for the River of Light show! Of course I filled that popcorn bucket! (Secret: I LOVE POPCORN!) As for my thoughts on the show, well I liked it but didn't love it. I would describe it as a Animal Kingdom version of Epcot's Illuminations, I would of liked to seen them incorporate Disney movies in it! 

You can also do this dining package at Tusker House, I'm not sure the specifics on it but they do offer it! 

If you're looking to book this dining package for your next trip you can do so here!